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"Bridget has an ability to connect with her audience and inspires everyone to reach a level of consciousness that allows an individual to reach their highest potential!"


KEYNOTE Speeches


Are you looking to empower your people?  

You want them to be inspired to reach for the success they deserve in your organization – and what you know they are capable of achieving.  Whether that’s in your corporation, network company, or nonprofit, you need them on fire and ready to take on the world.


You want your team to leave your event, knowing what they want, how to do it, and WHY.  It makes a difference.  


Bridget is the speaker that creates the lasting takeaway.  She skillfully guides your audience on a journey through the power of story.


People don’t remember statistics—they remember stories, and the most powerful stories are those in which a person can see their own expanded opportunities, not just for the day, or the week, or the month of the event.


Bridget reminds her audiences of their profound possibilities, and they walk away forever changed – creating both an impact and a legacy.

Empowered Speaker

Bridget’s extensive experience in profitable business, ethical leadership and strategic storytelling brings her audiences keen insight into the power of their own potential, and leadership. With visionary strategy for your organization, Bridget empowers your audience through corporate keynotes,  personalized workshops, and strategic team consultations.

"Breathtaking and transformative, Bridget's keynotes are powerful and unforgettable."


Ready to inspire YOU

to share your inspired story