Believe in the Power

of Your Story

to Change the


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As  your guide,

I help you leverage your past

—no matter what you have lived through and discovered—to create your most incredible destiny. 


In other words, transformation.

Meet Our Featured Author

One of my students and brand new author, Karen Wright, just launched her new book, “It’s NOW or Never: Shine, Baby, Shine!” on Amazon! 

Bridget Cook-Burch

New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best-selling author, writing mentor, transformational speaker, and passionate humanitarian.


Empowering Your Story


Attend Bridget’s signature event, The Inspired Writer’s Retreat. Called “life-changing and book-transforming.”


Learn from Bridget in the comfort of your home. Make real progress on your story. Align with your Purpose.


Work closely with Bridget and her team. Get real-time feedback on your story. Publish to success. Coaching available for fiction and non-fiction writers. 

Real Inspired Stories

Your story can inspire others & change the world.

Read true stories from Bridget and her inspiring co-authors, how they overcame amazing odds to become the powerful leaders they are now.

What Our Authors Have to Say

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AuthorUNLEASHED: Crushing Your Fear is perfect for those hesitant to put pen to paper.

AuthorUNLEASHED: Going Pro helps you go to the next level of finishing and publishing.

Combined, they give you hours of guidance to unleash the author in YOU!

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