Bridget's Inspired Story

I didn't set out to become a New York Times Bestselling Author...

What I did have was the clear intention to assist people to get their powerful stories into the hands of those that needed them--literally to save lives.

Sure, I work hard, but I’ve been inspired...I love to pass that on. 

Honestly, it’s even a bit uncomfortable for me to have this ‘About’ page because I love it when the focus and attention is on YOU. However, since I preach how critically important it is for you to

own the power of your story

in all of its vulnerability, I’m sharing what’s inside of me here.

I have been a lover of the written word since before I can remember. Truth be told,

I paid more library fines than should be humanly possible.


Raised by two amazing intellectuals with huge hearts, I learned the power of words in relationships, history, debate, politics, and spiritual curiosity. Because of their encouragement, I became well-educated. Still, on my own, I made a lot of dumb decisions.  

In my early 20s, a near-death experience changed my life, and my focus. It presented to me the craziest juxtaposition of light in the darkest places.


I learned the human soul has the capacity for so much more than we give it credit for--and that people can change their stories.  

I discovered if you change your story, you change your life. That's how I changed mine.

Since then, I have been writing people’s stories, which has taken me on a whirlwind tour of this gorgeous and amazing planet, meeting so many of our people--black, white, and every color in between; rich, poor, famous, and infamous.


I’ve been collecting stories in my heart, on paper, in my keynotes, and even my trainings for the boardroom and the prison. 

Stories for me, are that powerful.

five of the most important lessons I've learned along the way:


      1 Scars are like tattoos...with better stories. 

  2 People will surprise you and amaze you every day. Let them. 

      3 People will let you down from time to time. Forgive them.

      4 God has ultimate faith in humankind, and in you. Trust that. 

      5 The power of your story will change your world. Own that.

I hope that you will share more of your story with me!

5 Lessons

There are few

authors who write with a level of quality that is awarded both New York Times & Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author, and over 5000 5-star reviews.

(A designation only 1% of authors achieve.)

Bridget is that level of author & mentor.

“Stories transform people, move people, inspire people, and sometimes save people. If there is a story inside of you that can do that for someone, I really would encourage you to talk to Bridget . . . It just might change everything. It did for me.” 

~ Heidi Totten


“I love to awaken people to their possibilities! Every experience can be used as a stepping stone to their most glorious life.”

     -Bridget cook-burch

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“I am a pen in the hand of a God, writing a love-letter to the world.”

Bridget feels that is precisely her calling in life and love and relationships and work: She absolutely loves the uniqueness of every single soul and seeks to empower each woman, man and child to powerfully express their own unique gifts.


An advocate and human rights activist, Bridget is a founding member and director of SHEROES United, a non-profit organization directed by women who DARE to change the world through love. SHEROES are committed to abolishing human trafficking, eradicating domestic violence, and supporting female veterans and first responders.

Teams of SHEROES are bringing Bridget's inspired leadership program into war-torn countries, prison systems, womens shelters and high-risk girls programs.