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Where are you in your author's journey?

WE HAVE RESOURCES just for you,
customized for every level of writer.

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Find Your Writing Phase


Just Getting Started

Have you recently considered writing a book?

Are you just starting to draft your book to share your inspired story?

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First Draft Complete

Have you completed the first draft of your book? 

Are you ready for professional strategy or editing?

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In Process

Are you in the thick of writing your book right now?

Are you feeling stuck on any part of the process or would you like some guidance from other Inspired Writers?

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Prep for Publication

Are you ready to get your written story out into the world?

Are you interested in exploring publishing options or publishing with Inspired Legacy Publishing?

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Image by Susan Q Yin

"Writers are the bravest people in the world and are defined not by publishing credits but by their courage and willingness to follow their muse despite even the most withering of critiques, their commitment to their craft, and their generosity of spirit.

It's a brave and generous thing to share words, stories, characters as personal to the creator as their most guarded secrets.

Writers, from the novice and unknown to the most accomplished, are the heart, conscious conscience, and soul of humanity, the best of who we are and our mirror.

I thank God for writers every day."

Stacey Barney, Editor at Penguin Putnam

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