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Navigate the complex world of taking your work from
hobby level to professional

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Image by Peter Jones

This customized program is for authors who have already completed or published a book.


Is this you? 


GOING PRO will help you navigate the complex world of taking your work from hobby level to professional--from being a writer who dabbles to a successful, published author! 

This free program will give you critical permission to tap into your own passion and message, vital tips into the world of publishing, and powerful insights into using your own story to mesmerize audiences and readers, leaving them inspired and empowered.


At the same time, you become vitally memorable. 


Includes video lessons + full-color pdf workbook

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1. The Business of Your Book

2. Begin Building Your Platform Immediately

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AuthorUNLEASHED Going Pro workbook (1).png

3. How to Decide Between Traditional and Do-it-Yourself Publishing

Author Unleashed (7).png

Are you ready to unleash
the next-level author in you?

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