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Answer Your Call to Creative Work

When you get inspired, do you trust your intuition and immediately act? Or do you second guess and oftentimes push it aside?

Trust is such a complicated emotion that usually is attached to many other emotions. I find it fascinating that one emotion rarely attached to trust is regret . . . IF the follow through on that initial inspirational thought is acted upon.

If the call is not heeded, however, regret can be the overriding emotion of one’s life. This is truly a painful place to live from.

I read a post this week on social media that quoted Mary Oliver:

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”

Ohhh, doesn’t that hit hard just reading it? It certainly made an impact on me and got me thinking about what inspirations, intuition, goals, ideas, and so forth that I have been resisting, instead of powerfully following through.

As an author and writer it’s easy to get swept away with countless ideas for books all the time! I mean, ALL. THE. TIME. The trick is to know which thoughts are just simply ideas and which thoughts are those that have a spark of genius behind them!

It is easy to get overwhelmed with possibilities, unless we choose to act with discernment by asking:

What is in my highest good?

Does this creative work serve my passion, purpose, and highest values and ideals?

My daughter loves to say, “Let’s get real”. Whenever there is a decision to act or to throw that idea away, she “get’s real” by asking herself those same questions. Being real with yourself is making sure that the thoughts align with what it is you are creating as a conscious creator.

Me? I’m more of a soft touch - at least with others. Sometimes when she says, “Let’s get real” it feels a bit harsh. I’m the kinda sorta gal that likes a bit of tenderness along the journey when I’m feeling unsure. However, when I have not gotten to this level of real, I have wallowed in regrets – serious regrets – where I either didn’t come through for someone, or I let myself down. Sometimes both.

What is this level of realness that a person needs in order to face their fears . . . so they can follow through and create what is divinely inspired within.

Go even deeper and ask yourself:

What do I need to get real with. . . for myself?

What fears or excuses keep getting in my way in order to fulfill my dreams and desires? If I am powerfully choosing not to live in regret, what is it going to take from me to listen to my intuition and fulfill my greatest destiny?

As writers, we are fortunate. We have a skillset to be able to write down our thoughts and thought processes–to face our fears so we can look at them from many perspectives. It’s like writing a rough draft and then being the editor to go back over what you wrote, noticing nuances in the details and realizing what you’re really needing to say–only this time, to yourself.

Now that’s getting real.

I, for one, refuse to let fear or excuses get in my way any longer. Of course they’re still there. I’m just so beyond tired of them running my script! There’s too much to be created, too much to learn and grow from, too much to experience, too much joy and connection to save in being human . . . and simply too much to be!

What will it take for you to wrest your narratives back from regret and fear? I invite you to edit what no longer serves. GO DEEP! Don’t let regret steal your energy or your destiny.

Instead, let the call to your creative work be a catalyst to greater things!

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