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Myths That Stop You From Writing Your Book

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

How many years have you been saying, “I’m going to write my book this year.”?

For too many people, thinking about writing a book can be an agonizing process that can drag on for years. It might surprise you to know that nine out of ten people want to write a book, but they often let personal beliefs keep them from actually doing it.

And here’s just the facts, friends. A book brings nearly immediate exposure and credibility and often opens doors that can raise your income and your level of influence dramatically. But your book has to be both GOOD and DONE.

Isn’t it time to stop letting your personal myths get in the way?

Here’s the top myths that I hear every week from wanna-be writers—really great people with really great stories that let falsehoods get in their way. If any of these sound familiar, you owe it to yourself to really pay attention. They may be keeping you from up-leveling your personal life and career in remarkable ways:

Myth #1:

“People often say I have a great story, I should write a book—but I’m not sure anyone would actually buy it and read it.”

This is a common myth. You have enough courage to share your story in everyday conversation and you find people are rather astounded with something you have to offer – the dramatic personal experience, or the pearls of wisdom spilling from your mouth. Eyes wide, sometimes mouths open, they’ll say, “Oh my goodness, you ought to write a book!” But then when it comes down to actually doing it, you forget their wide eyes and open-mouthed expressions, and you discount yourself.

So let me be clear: when a person says this to you, I have found it is most often an honest expression because it’s their way of saying “I want to read this! I would buy this and read this story and share it with my friends!” No seriously. The next time someone says that to you, take it further. “Okay, I’ve considered it. If you saw it on the shelves, would you buy it and read it?” Listen to their feedback, and this time if it’s as positive as all the others, let it stick. It may surprise you – and ought to bolster your resolve that THIS is your year!

Myth #2:

“I really want to write my book—I just don’t have enough time.”

Not having enough time is a myth of scarcity. We actually have the same amount of time as any other person on the planet—even rocket scientists, engineers, and golf-club-swinging presidents. However, the way each of us uses time is different, and I find that fascinating.

I have discovered that when someone has a clear intention and is committed, that time works around their project. Believe me, growing up as a deadline-oriented girl, I remind myself that one of my greatest mentors studied the truth about time. Time is relative and flexible! According to Einstein, "the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion." So how can you make this illusion work for you?

Be clear that writing your book is a priority in your life. Put it in your top three things that simply must get done this year. And guess what? Resources and time will flow to get it done as long as you stay committed.

Myth #3

“I know what I want to say in my book, but it never comes out right on paper!”

Why is this a myth? Because you have only tried a couple of times to do it, and gotten frustrated. Thoughts to go into a book require a deepening to get to clarity. It doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist or think things differently. You have a zone of genius – and if you’re really good at speaking that genius, then speak it into a recorder and have your thoughts transcribed. There are also some pretty phenomenal apps that are getting better and better at putting your words directly into text. Did you know that the new Google Docs Voice Typing can do long-form writing for you? For every 200 words, 199 is totally accurate—and that’s pretty darn good!

Still, however, the best writing requires rewriting. I call it the distillation of your thoughts. It’s about extracting the most essential meaning from your words so that people can get you, and the importance of your sharing, in the most powerful, succint way. This requires some rewriting, and I always say that this is where the magic happens. Remember all of the times you said it never comes out right? In this process, it comes out even better—and can seriously knock your socks and shoes off! I would also recommend sharing with others for feedback. What you send out into the world deserves to be clear, concise and powerful.

That, my friends, is taking leadership of your thoughts and expressions. Writers that do that show up as thought-leaders in the world.

So now that we have exposed the three myths that may have been holding you back, don’t you think it’s time to trust, to commit, and take action? That’s all your book requires to become a reality now. The rest will come as you make it a top priority, I promise you. There is always a way.

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For three and a half days my team and I walk you through experiential and technical writing exercises that give you the tools to create a compelling story that has your readers glued to the pages from start to finish. Not only that, I bring my extensive experience in the publishing world and my mighty Rolo-dex of contacts to help you get your powerful story into the world, and get traction, in as short a time as possible.

Writer’s write... but authors PUBLISH.

Your story can only make a difference when it's in the hearts and hands of your audience.

Remember, believe in the power of your story to change the world!

Don't let those myths stop you from fulfilling your purpose this year. The year is almost gone but it is not too late my friend. Your story is powerful. I believe that.

Let this year end on a high note: with your book moving you into bigger and better things. Let it make a leader out of you.



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