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Praise for "Divine Turbulence"

I'm beyond thrilled to share that my newest book with Gary Lee Price launched and spread like wildfire!

Divine Turbulence is now a #1 International Bestseller! In less than 24 hours, Gary Lee Price’s book reached #1 International Best Selling status. It reached Best Selling Status in 4 countries (so far): US, Canada, Germany, and Australia. For a total of 52 Best Selling Categories with 10 of them ranking #1!

Gary and I worked on his vulnerable and powerful story of overcoming for five years! He’s finally ready for it to come forward now because he strongly believes it may save children among us, and that together as a world we might lift each other during these rough and turbulent times—and turn the tides towards something greater for humankind.

So what is his powerful story?

In Divine Turbulence, little six-year-old Gary loses his mother and stepfather to murder-suicide at a US Army base in Germany. Shipped back to the States, he’s launched from the frying pan into a fiery den of torture, abuse and enslavement. Can Gary, a victim of unthinkable evil, become better instead of bitter? The answer places the sculptor on a miraculous quest to fulfill holocaust survivor Victor Frankl’s dream, that of a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast, to bookend the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast…at a time when the entire world seems to need it most.

An article about Gary's book was even picked up by several, major media outlets:

Haven't purchased the book yet? Read these Amazon reviews. They don't lie!

"Well written and emotionally gripping, Gary’s dealing with this dark wind, overcoming it, and becoming the important artist that he is prove the liberating power of responsibility and choice when life’s dark moments threaten. Very highly recommended."

"This book is breathtaking. Honestly, I could not put it down. A story filled with fear, vulnerability, and hope. I am amazed not only because the author was brave enough to expose his life this way but also because he was able to bring light into the darkness and his spirit could not be broken. It was inspiring to say the least. This is a must in everyone’s library. Highly recommended!"

"Gary Lee Price, along with his co-author M. Bridget Cook-Burch, artfully walk us through a true recount of struggle culminating in Gary's emergence as a victor and at the pinnacle of his profession and personal development. This inspiring recount of ultimate triumph over tragedy stands as a reminder that anyone can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their dreams if they simply want it badly enough and are careful to never relinquish the indispensable tools of hope, inner confidence and perseverance.

Everyone, especially those who may feel hopeless and trapped by their current reality should take a page from "Divine Turbulence."

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