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Romancing Your Story

Desire, passion, chemistry, adoration, and attraction. What do you think about when you read these words? Usually, we tie these words with the kind of romantic relationships written in the stars, those that tickle the imagination.

For a writer, however, these words, and emotions, are what we need to rebuild the fire to our stories, and…sometimes to rekindle our muse.

In recent years, we as writers and authors have been experiencing many worldly distractions, ranging from personal to national, family to medical, and money to career which for some, have made it difficult to concentrate on their book or even think about making it a priority.

When the world is messy on the outside, it is sometimes difficult to tackle emotional or creative projects. It is natural for an author to be human and experience growth and death cycles, which is why self-compassion and being kind to yourself is vital.

When you take care of yourself, that’s when the mind and the imagination flow together again, bringing back your story.

Recently I was inspired by an author who renewed her relationship with her story. At the Writers Retreat in Ireland, Tina let go of thinking she had to get a lot of writing done or it would somehow be a failure. Instead, she allowed herself to play with joy to reinvigorate her life and story.

During one of the workshops, we were outside with a luscious green forest to our backs, a vast green field with friendly horses going down to a lake with sunshine peeping through the clouds as it danced around splashes of rain. Tina embraced it all. She gave herself permission to let go of the expectations and enjoy the adventure. This embodiment of romancing her senses reawakened her inner succulence and sparked the fires she needed for her book!

Tina gave herself the gift of romancing herself and her muse: her allowance to be present, to play with joy and to be reawakened inside; she knew the words would follow.

As your passion, purpose and fire come back to you, that is the time to make your book a priority and romance it back to life! Make it fun and nurture it like a lover. Give your book the time it deserves. Whisper sweet nothings into its ear and let it tell you what it wants as well.

And remember, dream BIG. HUGE. COSMIC.

Take time to discover what brings you joy. Allow that to be a part of your writing and creative process again.

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