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So Many Stories to Write, So Little Time

Whether you have written one book or many, there are always more potential books inside of us. With many writers, the problem I see is deciding what book to write first!

Not knowing what book to start with can be the biggest writer's block out there! Dynamic speakers, leaders, bold livers, and adventurers often live many hero’s journeys in their lifetimes. At our Inspired Writer’s Retreat, we often have people with as many as six or seven ideas for a book. The problem? Too many ideas, too much content. Speaking for myself, I have countless ideas for books hidden in legions of notebooks and random word documents filled with notes for all kinds of potential books. . . Ugh. :D The truth is, I could have the best ideas in the world, but if I don’t have an intention with a message, then the momentum for any book gets extinguished.

The four key pieces to deciding what book to write is:

  1. Knowing your mighty message.

  2. Clarifying your intention for your book.

  3. Knowing what kind of author you want to be, and what genre fits that the best.

  4. Knowing who you are writing this book for–who could benefit from it most.

Mighty Message

It is important to know what your mighty message is because it’s what will drive the passion forward in writing your book to full completion. You have lots of messages, but tht overarching mighty message that you are currently most passionate about has the power of a foundation, a book that carries the voice, the stories, and the inspiration to make it of utmost value to the reader. It is the strong principle, the core that is still remembered even after the reader closes the book!


Ask yourself, what do I want my readers to do with the book? Do you want them to use it to help heal people, is it a tool to spark kids’ imaginations, do you want them to refer it to a friend? These are questions you can ask yourself so you can see what direction you want your book to go. Intention sets your book up for success through the writing, and especially once it is done and published.

Type of Author

If you have an idea of what type of author you want to be, then that will lead to what kinds of books you want to write. If you want to be an author who is a motivational keynote speaker and TED Talk speaker, then you would write a book that is different from the author who is working on their fantasy novel manuscript. Just get clear on your dreams and the author you want to be will transform inside quicker than you know.


There are all types of genres out there, but you will want to go deeper and ask if you want to be an author who changes lives of your community and tribe, or if you looking to write to a much larger audience in the world. You will be using different stories and language, depending on who you want to attract to your book. If you’re writing a book on overcoming Lyme’s disease, you’re reaching a different demographic than a book on becoming a millionaire. I invite you to think about the different types of people who could benefit from your story the most!

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