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Who’s Got Your Back? 3 Ways to Garner Support to Get that Book Done!

Support needed for a writer is as individualized as each writer. For example, support for one writer can look like having a therapist to assist through emotional triggers, for another it might be a partner who gives you encouragement, and for another a neighbor kid who takes your dog for a walk so you can write.

Successful writers will have multiple support personnel on their teams! It is important to have support for all parts of your mental, emotional and physical well being. What we have seen in our work is that the most critical type of support needed is to have a trustworthy ally — one who can be honest with you about your book in a truly supportive way.

Whomever your ally or allies are, writers deserve at least one person who has several key qualities. First and foremost, you need to be able to trust them and they, you. A great ally would have ideas, and show you examples of how to leverage the most marvelous parts of your story. Be sure an ally is truly an ally in that they critique to enhance your story, instead of diminish it.

Along with having an ally, here are some other ways to create the support you need:

1. Be involved in a writers group

If you have not already joined a writers group, I highly recommend it. Having people to bounce ideas off of and who give purposeful feedback is always good to have in your pocket. You can either easily find groups online or you can create your own group. When you create your own group, you usually can find similar writers who are just as dedicated or more so as you!

Don’t feel comfortable forming a group? Or want faster, more effective feedback? I love teaching the Your Inspired Story Book Mentorship, and the results are amazing! We’ve developed an entire community of authors and they continuously surprise me with the amount of support they give each other, along with my feedback, team and support. So team up my friend!

2. Events, conferences, and pitch fests.

There are all sorts of writers events, conferences, and summits online or in person that happen year round. I love going to these to network with other authors who oftentimes have different perspectives and insights in the writing world. Also, I highly recommend pitch fests to learn how to talk about your book in a stronger way and receive feedback through the event.

3. Delegate and prioritize

There is always something to distract or get in the way of having time to write. That's why it is really important to find people to support you in creating more time for yourself to write. If you delegate wisely you will create more time and less stress so that you can have that creative time set aside for your book. I know it's not always easy to ask, but generally, people are more than eager to support you so you can create your masterpiece!

As writers, we dedicate hours and hours of time, energy and resources to making our books come into fruition. That's why it is important to actively seek those who are willing, trustworthy, and excited for you to write your book!

If you are looking for additional support – the kind of support that will change your life as a writer and an author, I invite you to join me at my Inspired Writers’ Retreat. This next one is at stunning and serene Bear Lake, Utah where we will be enjoying all the support you need to transform your book and you as an author.

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