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Write to Ripple

Ask yourself, “Is my writing currently doing anything to enhance the world?”

The whole world you say?

That might sound like a big ask, but in actuality, you are doing it already. Read to the end to hear a remarkable story.

Every action has an effect. We know this from Isaac Newton, but many scientists and spiritual leaders have taken it a step further, showing us that our ripple is bigger than we can even imagine.

You might think that the blog you wrote last week might not have made any difference, but someone who read it may be relaying part of your message to another person right now–someone who also needs what you have to say. Maybe you also wrote a small story in an anthology and are wondering if your story is just as powerful as others’ in it. I promise you, in its own way, it is.

Your ripple effect is important, even if it does not always sound loud, or proud or perfect …yet.

Still, one deepening question can help. Does my book entertain, educate, motivate, inspire, or transform? Maybe it is a combination of these, but what you put out there even in your Facebook posts is portraying one of these concepts–and could be deeper and more impactful than you think.

I just returned from celebrating my daughter’s graduation from college and teaching a writer’s retreat in Ireland. Unbeknownst to me, I was about to meet a stark, raving fan! She met my daughter and my Ireland retreat business partner at the pub where we were listening to authentic neighborhood Irish music.

This fan put puzzle pieces together with the new Netflix series taking the world by storm: Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey and realized that I had co-authored The Witness Wore Red: the 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice. (You’ll have to ask some of the writers what she said about me that was hilarious). But here’s one thing she told me that’s appropriate to share. She was grateful for Rebecca Musser’s story because she and friends had to overcome sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and felt sincerely inspired by Rebecca’s courage!

Russell Banks said, “Go, my book, and help destroy the world as it is.” Read that again so you see exactly what he means! It’s not about actually destroying anything; it’s about creating something new, more powerful and positive. Rebecca’s story proves that one woman’s story of courage can change the world.

What are you creating?

I invite you to get clear on the difference you want to make and then take action towards it–pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. You are a writer, so embrace it and recognize that you make a difference being you. Now, you just get to decide what you want that to look like.

"If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." –Martin Luther King Jr.

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