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Writing Your Leadership Narrative: From Fear to Empowerment, One Chapter at a Time

The journey of leadership is intimately tied to the art of storytelling – a remarkable fusion of vulnerability, growth, and empowerment.

Extraordinary leaders possess the ability to not only live their stories but to encourage others to step into their own narratives and create an impact that resonates far beyond their individual experiences.

But how do you do that?

Lean Into Your Story

Today’s society encourages us to be visible everywhere and grow a tremendous following. But that may scare you. You may find yourself shrinking in order to fit into places that you’ve already outgrown.

It’s important to recognize that growth and comfort are not compatible.

And that can be discomforting sometimes. Yet, I have seen the work people do when they come to know their own story inside and out. It’s profoundly powerful to not fear going back into your past. Discovering why you chose certain actions, reactions, and consciousness on your hero's journey is an incredible feeling.

There are a lot of people just moving through life. They aren’t aware of what’s happening and are not experiencing much joy. But it’s time to recognize that you have a dynamic role in your story and to create greater things.

You can write a new chapter.

Rise From Your Dark Night

We all have a dark night of our soul. It’s a place where our inner battles and outer battles meet. It’s the moment when we have to take a look in the mirror and see ourselves for who we really are.

It can be difficult.

But it’s one of the most beautiful places a human can ever go.

Once you have tackled that, everything from here on out is more conscious. You develop the ability to go from being inward-focused and afraid to outward-focused and courageous!

It’s your rise.

It’s when you recognize that all the lies you have been told or told yourself are untrue. It’s the poignant moment in time when you recognize the truth and beauty of who you really are.

When you begin to grasp that truth in such an extraordinary way, you change the course of your life.

All Leaders Have a Story

Every amazing human you have ever met has a growth story. No matter how magnificent they are, there have been challenges that they’ve had to face within themselves to achieve something greater.

And they’ve had to recognize that they need to change to step into their magnificence.

Just recently, I’ve had one of those stories myself. After 50 years of secrecy, I found my birth parents. It was difficult and extraordinary to watch my story, that I thought I knew, change. This is just one example of many! My life has been an extraordinary journey and I have an extraordinary story. But even after working with hundreds of people over the last several years on their own stories, I found myself falling back into old habits that prevented me from growing.

I needed to step back and ask myself, is this habit a limitation or a possibility?

If it’s a limitation, it’s great to be aware and make changes. Ask yourself where you have been keeping yourself small and not allowing growth. Acknowledge it and take the next step forward.

Then if the story you are telling has a possibility to change, your brain and energy field will begin to bring you countless opportunities for growth. All kinds of things will come into your space and existence to give you this opportunity to grow.

You Always Have a Choice

You get to decide how fast, slow, big, or small you desire to go. You must have faith and trust in yourself that you’ll figure it out. Nobody has all the answers the moment they set foot outside their comfort zone.

If you have faith, believe in yourself, and believe that you’re reaching for something for the greater good, you are more likely to step into something beautiful, miraculous, and well beyond what you ever thought possible.

It will make the next step and beyond even more exciting, beautiful, and glorious!

Keep Stepping Forward

Every person faces fear. It’s part of the mechanism in our brains that keeps us safe. It’s tied to the ego. Our ego says, “Don’t grow. Don’t be too big for your britches. Don’t be too visible.” It tries to keep you small so that you’re safe.

When you recognize that you’re safe - even with the next step - the world becomes your oyster to explore. It often takes a small step to gain confidence and allow for another opportunity for growth.

Confucius says, “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”

I have found that the universe blesses action and movement. So, move in your chosen direction and know you carry your safety.

Fear will come up, but you will have the power to look at it in the face and return its roar with your own. Your roar will start with a little squeak, but it will grow, and grow, and grow.

The essence of leadership is not just existing but taking a dynamic role in your own narrative, creating opportunities to shape more extraordinary things and redefine the course of your story. Every individual possesses a unique ability to pen new chapters, guiding their narrative towards a path of purpose and fulfillment.

The journey never truly ends; it evolves, thrives, and propels us to even greater heights. So, with each step forward, continue the journey. Through your unique story, you can impact the world in ways beyond imagination.

If you are looking for support in writing your story, I can help!

I created the Inspired Writers Retreat so people have a safe place to explore their own stories. We dive deep into your book. There is a lot of intensive instruction and group interaction. Writing your book can be a solitary experience, so it’s wonderful to be surrounded by authors, to have your voice and story heard.

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