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We know that you have many options for publishing your book and we're thrilled that you are considering a partnership with us!

At Inspired Legacy Publishing, we publish stories that show the beauty of transformation! Our preferred manuscripts elevate the world and open people's perspectives with powerful words, powerful stories, and powerful wisdom. 

Your Next Step:

Levitating Books
1 / Apply for an Early-stage Manuscript Review 

If you have not worked with Bridget Cook-Burch and the Inspired Legacy Team in your manuscript development, we recommend an Early-stage Manuscript Review to determine your manuscript's level of quality.

2 / High-quality manuscripts

If the Review indicates that you meet or exceed an 80% level on the benchmark standards, then our team will schedule an initial meeting to review your publication options and goals through Inspired Legacy Publishing. 

3 / Unedited manuscripts Option A

If the Review indicates that your manuscript requires additional editing or story construction, we can provide you with book strategy, writing & editing services prior to publication with Inspired Legacy Publishing. 

4 / Unedited manuscripts Option B

If, after the Review, you wish to make minimal changes to your manuscript and are ready to publish immediately, then White Label with Inspired Legacy Publishing offers you the same publication and launch resources for your book to achieve Bestseller Status. 

As a White Label title, Bridget will have minimal involvement in the publishing or launch process. But she will celebrate with you all the same!

Download the Inspired Legacy Publishing Standards Rubric to self-score your manuscript. Then input your results on the application form. 

Your Next Step:

  • Download the Inspired Legacy Publishing Standards Rubric.

  • Self-score your manuscript.

  • Input your results on the application form.

  • Submit the complete application!

Manuscripts that score below 80% on the benchmark standards
  • Forego additional review and editing steps and publish immediately with our White Label imprint.

  • Get your book out there, but  without the additional benefits of guaranteed quality and extra book launch support.

  • Manuscripts that meet or exceed an 80% level on the benchmark standards will meet with the Inspired Legacy Publishing team. 

  • Together, we'll review your publication goals and options and start you on the path to publication!

Meet or Exceed 80% Level
  • Enlist in additional services to improve the quality of your book so that it truly reflects the power and impact of your story.

Additional Editing
Publish your book with 
Inspired Legacy Publishing
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Inspired Legacy Publishing
Bridget Cook-Burch

"More and more, we have writers with finished manuscripts wanting to publish with us because they see our track record of success while also honoring the writer and their Intellectual Property. 

Our White Label program helps these authors publish and launch their books, frequently with a better result than was possible for them before."

~ Bridget

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