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Your story
can inspire!

Author Unleashed
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five of the most important lessons I've learned:


      1 Scars are like tattoos...with better stories. 

  2 People will surprise you and amaze you every day. Let them. 

      3 People will let you down from time to time. Forgive them.

      4 God has ultimate faith in humankind, and in you. Trust that. 

      5 The power of your story will change your world. Own that.

I hope that you will share more of your story with me!

5 Lessons

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Where are you in your author's journey?

There’s a Free Resource just for you, customized for every level of writer.

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What is YOUR most powerful story? How do you get it on the page in a way that honors you, and honors others?

Together we’ll walk into this Author Journey, starting with why your story matters. You’ll learn how to craft a great read that changes hearts, changes minds, and changes the world... reader at a time.

Beginning Authors:

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Preparing to Publish?

Now that you have gathered your courage and determined what's most important to include in your story, let’s Go Pro!

Lessons include:

1. The Business of Your Book

2. Begin Building Your Platform Immediately

3. How to Decide Between Traditional and Do-it-Yourself Publishing

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What about Publishing?

Do you know which avenue you want to take to get your story in the hands of your audience?

Whether it’s with an agent, a publishing house, self-publishing, digital or audio, Bridget has experience with them all. She strategizes with you on your best path forward. Strategy sessions are included with your Retreat  or Mentoring Program.

Sign up for an Author Consultation with Bridget to decide your best next steps forward!

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Believe in the power of your story to change the world

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